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Gift Guide: <br/>Coffee Lover

Gift Guide:
Coffee Lover

Need help finding a gift for the Coffee Lover in your life? Why not pair a unique hand thrown mug with one of our hand carved wooden coffee scoops for a truly one-of-a-kind gift. Throw in an adventure patch that highlights their caffeine obsession and you'll be sure to have one happy camper!

Coffee Lover Gift Guide

We stock a variety of different handmade mugs, so you will be certain to find the one to perfectly complement your caffeine fiend. All of our mugs are hand thrown by independent potters here in the Pacific Northwest.

Mug Collection

We stock two different styles of wooden coffee scoops, both hand carved by Portland Spoon Company. The small scoops are made from Western Black Walnut, while the larger scoops are made from Hinoki Cypress. Like all of Portland Spoon Company's offerings, these scoops are carved from wood collected from neighborhoods all across Portland.

Large Wooden Coffee Scoop

Kimberlin Co designed a fantastic set of Explorer Patches highlighting different aspects of Pacific Northwest living. We think the Camp Coffee Club patch matches this gift guide perfectly, but depending on how much your Coffee Lover loves the outdoors, you might find a few other relevant patches as well.

Kimberlin Co Explorer Patches: Stay Sharp, Pacific Crest Trail, Camp Coffee Club