Growing up in the heart of the Pacific Northwest instilled a strong connection to the natural beauty of the region. The Cascadian bioregion encompasses the canyons and high desert to the East and the mountains, forests and jagged coast to the West. To us this dynamic yet unique range of habitat means home. Cascadia is more than a region; it is also a way of life and attitude.

Proposal rock in Neskowin, Oregon

We Cascadians share common values and principles. We believe in the happiness generated from creating beautiful things with our hands. We honor and respect the natural materials surrounding us. We enjoy filling our lives with treasured items that serve a functional purpose. We support each other by buying locally and sustainably.

Forest trail in Oregon

Inspired by the beauty of the region and invigorated by the community of makers that thrive here, we've collected the finest handmade goods from artists and artisans from all over the Pacific Northwest. Purchasing these beautiful and unique products helps support local businesses and the sustainability and viability of Cascadia.

Mt Hood Oregon

Here you will find products made with natural materials in the Pacific Northwest, that are as functional as they are beautiful. Bring a bit of the outside in.