Finex Cast Iron

The founders of Finex fell in love with the utility of old cast iron pans. The even heat dispersion and polished surfaces allowed anyone to get tender & crispy results. Becoming frustrated that the same quality cookware wasn't available today, they channeled this frustration into a successful Kickstarter campaign that grew into a team of Portland based perfectionists focused on creating heirloom quality pots and pans.

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Revolutionize Your Kitchen

Unlike other cast iron products made today, Finex pans have a cooking surface that is polished smooth in the factory. Yes, that's right, throw those eggs on there! After cooking on a polished cast iron surface you will never look twice at your old cast iron pans again.

Finex Cast Iron Skillet and Lid

These pans are pre-seasoned with organic flax seed oil, the cast iron equivalent of 'No Assembly Required'. They are ready out of the gate for steaks, chicken, pancakes, omelettes, 

The Finex team didn't stop there — the addition of a comfortable spring handle makes handling the weight of the larger cast iron pans a breeze. The coiled springs dissipate heat. Even when the pan gets smoking hot your hands will remain safe from burns. The handle design protects hands from the searing heat of the cast iron pan.

Chicken dish in a Finex Cast Iron Skillet

Attention to detail and a focus on beneficial elegance produced an eight-sided pan. These additional corners allow for easy pouring from all angles. Whether you are pouring out a sauce or gravy, serving sautéed mixed vegetables, or sliding out that perfectly cooked omelette, the angled design will make your task as easy as pie.

As the New York Times said: "There aren't many things in modern life that are passed down through generations and remain both beautiful and useful."

These pans will last you for a lifetime. Fully made in the USA, for quality that can't be beat.

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