Camamu Soap

Camamu Gift Box Soap

Extremely limited quantities of these amazingly adorable soaps were produced for the holiday season. These soaps are perfect stocking stuffers and gifts. Packaged in kraft boxes with original artwork labels, these make lovely wintertime gifts. Each soap has been hand-cut into heart, tree and star shapes using a cookie cutter.

  • 85 gm/3 oz.
  • 100% natural, vegan & gluten free.

Handmade in Portland, Oregon.

Winter Sky Star Soap

You are all stars and just in case you're forgetting or have forgotten that, this little gem has been created to remind you. And if some part of that forgetting is feeling tired and stressed, this perfect blend of essential oils will help soothe and uplift - lavender and clary sage, myrrh and peru balsam, elevating and grounding all at the same time. We recommend holding this soap in your hand, breathing deeply to inhale the aromas, remembering who you are and then taking a long, lavishing shower to celebrate the twinkle that is uniquely you. These soaps are also a great way to let someone know what part they play in your constellation of friends and loved ones, star light, star bright!

Made from: olive, coconut, RSPO-certified palm & castor oils; organic alkanet root powder; lavender, clary sage, vanilla & peru balsam essential oils.

Snowy Tree Soap

Dappled light, massive tree trunks to skirt, cushioning earth and arching branches above; a walk in the forest brings such peace. Snowy Tree soaps are made for those of you who pine for the green, outer world during this time of year of moving inward and inside. Scented with fir, ho wood and patchouli essential oils, these beauties carry with them hints of springy moss, rain-soaked leaves and serenity. 

Made from: olive, coconut, RSPO-certified palm & castor oils; colored with ground mint powder; scented with fir, ho wood & patchouli essential oils.

Unrepentant Rose Heart Soap

These soaps are scented with Brazilian rose, geranium and palmarosa essential oils and have red rose petals sprinkled on top. Delicately scented, beautiful to the eye and luscious to the skin, these soaps are a lovely way to show friendship, appreciation and, yes of course, love.

Made from: olive, coconut, RSPO-certified palm & apricot kernel oils; paprika powder; red rose petals.